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"My Name is Joe Ramirez, Be Sure to Take Advantage of my 100% No Obligation Fitness Consultation While Openings Last!

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Are You Looking for an in-home Personal Trainer in Colorado Springs?

If you’re searching for a Personal Trainer in Colorado Springs and want to get in shape, get toned and lose weight, then you are in the right place!

Here's why...

Over the past 22 years, I've helped thousands of Colorado Springs residents achieve their fitness and weight loss goals through my customized nutrition and personal training programs.

If you are serious about reaching your health and fitness and goals and want to get in shape FAST, I can help you too!

All personal training programs are NOT created equal. 

After your introductory training session with me, you'll see why my award winning personal training program works so well and why you'll achieve amazing results and reach your fitness goals FAST. 

With my personal training program, you will:

  • Get leaner, more firm, and more
  • Boost your metabolism and drop stubborn bodyfat
  • Get a flatter, tighter stomach and waistline
  • Increase your stamina and have more energy to do the things you enjoy
  • Get in the best shape of your life, look and feel better than you have in years
The biggest proof of my ability lies in the success of my clients. Some of the clients that have benefited most from our program have been:   
  • Busy, Working Moms - who need a fast, energizing workout to burn calories, manage stress and keep their energy levels up.
  • New Moms - who are tired of struggling to get their body back and get back into their pre-pregnancy shape 
  • Stay-at-Home-Moms - who need an alternative to the crowded health club environment and preferred to spend time with their children rather than drop off them off at the childcare at the gym.
  • Overweight Men and Women of All Ages - who are tired of "yo-yo" diets and programs that didn't work and were ready for a change - to look and feel better than ever.
  • Couples - who wanted to make a commitment to getting in shape, live the life they deserve make a permanent lifestyle change...together.
  • Seniors- who wanted to improve muscle tone, balance, coordination and manage their weight to live full, rewarding and active lives.
  • Brides- who want to look and feel their best for their wedding day!

But, don't take my word for it, take a look at what some of my clients had to say about my Guaranteed personal training programs:


Here are a few more of my amazing client success stories:

"I feel and look better than before I had my kids!"

 "I was a 43-year old mother of 3. I was soft, tired, and felt...dumpy. I was running and lifting on my own, but was not seeing any changes in my body or my energy level.  I was getting nowhere in my workouts and needed a boost. It was time to make myself a higher priority in my life. Joe taught me how to workout for maximum efficiency. He made sure I was lifting with correct form and how to do the exercises correctly (I had been doing almost every one wrong).

He instructed me on proper nutrition. I soon started to see and feel REAL RESULTS...those sculpted arms started to show!  My body fat has dropped from 25% to 14.5% and I have lost 4 sizes.I am now 45 years old and look and feel better than before I had my kids!

Pam M. 45, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I finally got my body back!"

"I had gained 98 pounds of 'baby weight'. I felt tired, unmotivated and hungry all the time. I had tried dieting and even exercising didn't work...I'd lose a little, then gain it back. I'd go to the gym, but get bored doing the same thing over and over and not get results.

My weight was taking its toll on me and I knew I had to do something about it. I did some research on Google and discovered Joe Ramirez...I have lost over 10% body fat, 31 1/2 inches and have gone from a size 14 to a size 6.

I have more energy to play with my kids. I feel like I can accomplish more and I'm proud of my body again!"

Patti Rogers, 29 
Colorado Springs, Colorado



"We've lost 165 lbs. in 11 months!"

I have struggled with my weight since elementary school and several times over the years have lost a significant amount pounds only to gain them back… and more.
Now at 47, my life is so awesome but my weight was ruining everything.  My doctor refused my surgery request and instead suggested that I find a partner, find a personal trainer to hold me accountable every week.

My husband was overweight as well but I had never before included him on my diet efforts as I was just too embarrassed.  Broken, I asked him to be my partner and gratefully, he agreed to train with me. 

Joe’s name was the first to come up in my search. Joe was a true God-send. He insisted that the nutrition would be the biggest factor toward permanent weight loss.  To that we added 30-minutes of in-home personal training three times a week.  While I thought I was an expert on weight loss, I now realize how ignorant I was about true health and fitness.  What has happened the last 11 months can only be called a miracle.  I have lost 116 pounds (over 62 inches) and Mark has lost 50 pounds.  But, more important than the weight loss and the perks that come with being thinner, has been the freedom to choose supportive food and movement, as well as having renewed health. 

Gone are the addictions to sugar, diet soda, fatty and processed foods.  Gone is high cholesterol and being unable to walk or go up stairs without pain.  I felt crappy for so long I didn’t even know what feeling good was like…and I still marvel at how good I feel. The food changes made an incredible difference in my menopause symptoms, depression and moodiness, and clear thinking. 

LaJean and Mark Hertel
Monument, Colorado


"I have lost 7 sizes!"

Throughout my life I have been a soccer player. My life was dedicated to soccer and thanks to soccer I was always toned and happy with the way I looked. During my junior year of high school soccer tragedy struck. I tore ligaments in my ankle causing me to have surgery and throwing me out of my soccer career forever. Before my surgery I was a size seven. During my year recovery I gained twenty-five pounds putting me at a size eleven. I was disgusted with myself that I let this happen. After discussing the matter with my dad we got on the web and looked up personal trainers. The first web page that popped up was Joe’s. Within reading the first two sentences I was hooked. As soon as I woke up the next morning I called Joe and scheduled an appointment.

The first day meeting with Joe, I wasn’t sure on how it would go. Within the first five minutes Joe made me feel comfortable and really made me feel the burn. I started in July and after returning to work in August all of my CO-workers commented saying “Wow Stephanie, have you lost weight? You look amazing,” and “Hey you! You look like a different person! Great job!” All of these comment made me feel confident about myself. I didn’t know I could look and feel this amazing and I owe it all to Joe.

Since I started with Joe, I went from a size eleven to a size four. I saw my results creep up on me in a few short months. The first day I noticed that my clothes looked like they were hanging on me, I’ve never felt so excited to go shopping. It was the best feeling I have ever felt.

Feeling the way I feel, looking the way I do, and the amazing amount of confidence I carry with me every day is because of Joe. He motivates and supports in the best ways possible. Making the decision to start working out with Joe has been the best decision I have ever made. To date, I have lost seven sizes! I no longer have to hide wearing a bikini, and I can strut like a model in a run way show and be proud of it. I thank Joe for his support and friendship, motivating me and pushing me closer to the results I desire. He is truly the best trainer and will get you the real results you deserve!

Stephanie Cikanek, 18
Colorado Springs, Colorado 


"Only after 4 weeks, I was in my favorite pair of jeans again!"

"After having my second baby, my body was not bouncing back like it had previously done. I was tired, self conscience and unmotivated.

About 6 weeks after my son was born, I came across Joe's Women Only Boot Camp Fitness program. It was exactly what I needed to jump start my fitness goals. I fell in love with his program. The workouts were never the same and I was feeling better than ever. After only 1 month, I was down a pants size and I was energized and motivated to keep going. 

After only 4 weeks I was in my favorite pair of jeans again, which I wore before my first pregnancy. My body was more toned than before I got pregnant and the inches just kept coming off. I am no longer tired, self conscience or unmotivated. I feel empowered - like I could do anything! I ran my first 5k obstacle course because of these classes. 5 months later I’m still doing UFK and still improving all the time. I haven’t even plateaued! 

As a stay-at-home mommy, this is exactly what I needed. I look forward to each and every workout with Joe and his team. It keeps me energized and in great shape to keep up with my kids. Most importantly, I feel like me again!"

Shebli Huston
Colorado Springs, CO.

"The best money I've ever spent!"

I am a working mom in my early 40's with 2 daughters in elementary school. My time is very important, but I also know that it is important to stay fit. I had been exercising faithfully 5 to 6 days a week for over a year, with the intention of losing a few pounds, getting in shape and looking fit.

But after 1 ½ years of exercising on my own, I couldn’t tell any difference in how my clothes fit.  In late May of 2009 I finally decided that I needed help in achieving the results I wanted.  My husband and I did a bit of searching on the internet and found Joe’s website.  His personal training program sounded like just what I needed, so I decided to call.  He came to my house 2 to 3 times a week and was great with working around my schedule.  He coached me through a different workout during every session, so it was never boring.  He also gave me specific nutrition guidelines to follow...which helped to maximize my fat loss. After only 4 weeks of working with Joe, my “skinny clothes” were getting loose!  After 12 weeks of working with Joe I have gone down 2 sizes, from a size 8 to a size 4.  

I haven’t been this small since High School!  I have also lost 12 lbs; 3 inches off my waist, 3 inches off each thigh; and my body fat is down from 29.88% to 16.8%.  I feel great, both mentally and physically and have tons of energy.  I also love seeing the definition in my arms, abs and legs when I look in the mirror.  I have had several compliments and several people have asked what I’ve been doing to get such results.  I am now down to a size 0/2! I always let them know that working with Joe has been the key to my success.  He is such a fantastic motivator and truly knows his 'stuff'.”

Andrea Weiner 44,
Colorado Springs, Colorado


"This Was the Perfect Answer to My Busy Mom Life."

Joe's timing in my fitness "life" was perfect! After my gym closed it's doors to childcare. I founds myself lost without my weekly weights and aerobics classes. I tried recreating my strength workouts in my own home, but lacked all the equipment and weights. 

I never got around to the aerobics part either. Joe came out with all the equipment, to my house, while my daughter was napping. I got the best 30-minute workout ever - both aerobic and strength!

I set up 3 sessions per week, at convenient times for me, and did not have to set up or buy a "home gym" to get results. I have lost stubborn baby fat and toned my whole body in a short period of time. This was the perfect answer to my busy mom life.


Karen Hajeck, 39
Colorado Springs, Colorado  


"In Just Eight Weeks, I Fit Back into my Pre-Baby Clothes!"

I’ve worked in the wedding industry for years, and my number 1 tip is this: don’t spend your money on an expensive dress to hide your flaws. Invest in a trainer ­who’ll help you get rid of those flaws altogether.

If you’re in shape, you’ll look fantastic no matter what you wear. Bonus: you’ll look fantastic every day, not just at your wedding.

 The first time I really got in shape was after I’d had two kids. I felt great and looked better than I ever thought possible. Then I got pregnant again, and had the kind of complications that make doctors say No Gym For You. When you’re in your late 30s and you’ve just had baby #3, it’s not easy to feel optimistic about bouncing back.

Adding to the pressure -- I knew we’d probably get married sometime in the summer, and I did not want to look like I’d just had a baby.  So that’s where Joe came in. I needed someone to push me further than I would go by myself, and to come up with a program that would hit all the problem areas safely, and fast. I needed someone who wasn’t going to waste my time wandering around a gym with a clipboard and no real plan. I wanted to feel strong again and look good again, and I wanted to stay that way.

I also didn’t have the time to get to a gym every day, or the desire to leave our baby in a gym daycare while I worked out, so having Joe train us in our own home was perfect.

Our wedding took place 16 weeks after our baby was born. I’d been training with Joe for just eight weeks, and I fit back into my pre-baby clothes. It was easy to find a wedding dress that worked, and to relax on our wedding day knowing that I looked like myself again. Being fit and healthy and energetic again is a great feeling. Another great feeling: knowing it’s going to last.

I’ll keep saying Get A Great Trainer to anyone who’ll listen. Looking good for your wedding is an excellent motivator, and by working with a trainer to cement good habits, you can really make the benefits last. It’s worth it to look good in everything, not just a wedding dress.

Helen and Kendall Robinson
Colorado Springs, CO.

"I Have So Much More Confidence!"

"All throughout high school I always played sports but never really ate right or really worked out hard. I went off to college and right away I gained the freshman 15 and maybe a little more. It wasn’t until I moved home and decided I wanted a change in my life. I wanted to look good and just be healthier. I was online and thought to myself “I want something more… more than just a regular workout at the gym” so I searched online for a kickboxing class. Right away it brought up Joe’s website.

I decided to call him and right away I met up and started working out. I started in February and in March I went on a spring break trip to Lake Havasu. I took tons of pictures and posted them on Facebook. It wasn’t until I got back and saw numerous amounts of compliments from my friends asking how I got this body! I was only training with Joe for a month or so! I saw results FAST. I was dropping pants sizes like it was going out of style! My jeans were not fitting anymore, my arms were becoming more toned, and I just had more energy throughout the day. 

I went from a size 7 to a size 2 in a matter of months. I give all credit to Joe and his amazing work out plans and his motivation to push me harder. 

I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life. I look better than I have ever looked and I have so much more confidence when I wear bikinis or dresses. I lost 4 sizes, over 6 inches total and went from 28% body fat down to 19% body fat and for the first time ever I have abs!!!

Joining Joe's kickboxing program was by far the best decision I have ever made because I know this is just the beginning to a healthy new life. Joe is the best trainer and from being in his classes you too can see REAL results fast and having tons of fun all at the same time."

Rachel Schmitt, 22
Colorado Springs, CO.

"I Feel Healthy, Energized and Excited to Wear a Bikini Again"



"I’ve never been a big girl, but after having my daughter, who is now 6, I never lost the final 12-15 pounds I wanted to lose. I wanted to work out and finally get off the last of the baby weight. I went to the gym all the time but never lost it.  

This program was intense but it was also so inspiring! It’s totally unlike any other workout I've done before.  There are no boring treadmills or complicated moves to try to remember like other fitness classes.

I get so many compliments all the time and people ask me “what do you do?”  That is a true testament that this fitness program is working because not only am I seeing results, but so are others.  I feel so good about myself.  I feel healthy, energized and excited to wear a bikini again.  I am down the weight and have improved my overall tone and shape.  This was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made."

I’m never bored with the workouts and I feel challenged every time I am in there.  I feel so motivated.  Not only that but I was given several meal plans to help with my diet.  If I had any struggles I could come to Joe and he was always more than willing to help.  I have now been in the program for several months and am in the best shape of my life! 

Kristin Kauffman, 32
Colorado Springs, CO. 


Want more proof that our programs work? Take a look at a few more of our client success stories.

With my guaranteed in-home personal training programs you will:

  • Lose Fat Once and For All - Over 94% of people who lose weight will gain it back. We'll show you how to fire up your metabolism so you can burn fat 24 hours a day and keep the weight off for good!
  • Tone Up and Firm those 'Trouble Areas' -  We'll help you get defined muscles in your arms, legs, and get a tighter, firmer core so you can fit into your favorite 'skinny' clothes again!
  • Look and Feel Great - With your NEW lean and toned body you'll have more energy and feel better about how you look!

I'll Give You the Motivation to Succeed!

One of the biggest problems you'll face when beginning a fitness program is exercise boredom. I will help keep you motivated by incorporation plenty of variety in your fitness program and constantly monitor every aspect of your fitness program to help you avoid plateaus and therefore speed results...

And nothing motivates you better than seeing results! With my fun, ever changing fitness routines, your body has no choice but to respond…And Best of All, Your Results Are GUARANTEED!

I can offer this guarantee because I am confident in my ability to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals in record time.

Many trainers and fitness centers may talk about amazing results, but I can prove my personal training programs deliver...time and time again!

And if I can't help you reach your goals, you don't pay. PERIOD. Let's see if ANY health club or any other Personal Trainer offer you that type of guarantee!

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late to Get Your Body Back!

Call me today at 719-229-2639 to schedule your free in-home fitness consultation and session while openings are still available.



Joe Ramirez, Master Certified Personal Trainer
Body Transformation Coach



I provide in-home personal training in:

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